Business Lady Club Activities

Business Lady Dinners

      Business Lady Club organizes two Business Dinners each month. Held in a pleasant atmosphere with delicious food and with a focus on the topic theme for the month, every dinner of Business Lady Club intends to combine the useful with the pleasant. 

The focus of the Business Dinners is on improving the business and personal skills of the ladies, sharing best practices, effective business strategies, and updating our watches with the world’s business trends. 

Our Business Dinners bring together members, guests, lecturers, as well as special guests from the business, trade unions, public administration, embassies, consulates, culture, art, and more. 

The specially selected lecturers present their point of view and provoke a discussion on a pre-set monthly topic. 

In the evenings, members and guests also have the opportunity to discuss various community projects and ideas, express their needs, seek help and find new business contacts. 

Dinners last an average of 3 hours. Each of our members can invite guests - other ladies from the business community, and also recommend their guests for membership.

Mastermind Breakfasts

The remarkable Napoleon Hill is the author of  Mastermind’s principle that when more than two people come together to think in synergy for a common purpose, they gain access to the so-called Mastermind. In order to be able to use it, one must ally with a group of like-minded people and think and act in synergy with them.

The Business Lady Club Breakfasts are focused on efficiency, solving real business cases, mutual assistance, and generating new business ideas. 

The sessions are dynamic and in a protected environment, offering hot tea, coffee, and snacks to participants. 

The duration of a mastermind breakfast is an hour and a half. We start early so that we can finish by 10:30 and so participants return to their business on time.



  • Effectively share experience between participants
  • A very strict mastermind process led by a professional business coach
  • Generating ideas and clarifying business strategies
  • Solving real cases from your business

The process guarantees:

  • Interactivity and dynamics
  • A clear timeframe
  • Reporting of results
  • Homework 
  • Partnership and mentoring 
  • Coaching approach


Guests can participate in our Mastermind Breakfasts after pre-booking


    Coaching involves the belief that the individual has the answer to their own problems within themselves. With the method, we receive tools with which we reach our inner knowledge and reveal unsuspected potential. 

In the process of coaching, we unlock new levels of consciousness, strengthen our intuition and build new neural connections. 

Coaching helps us solve tasks in our business more easily and quickly, as well as to achieve our goals more systematically and effectively.

Coaching teaches us how to handle tasks on our own in new and efficient ways. 

Business Lady Club offers its members and all interested Business and individual coaching, Group and corporate coaching.


  • Individual work with a professional business and life coach
  • Resolving real cases
  • Goal setting
  • Strategy clarifying for the desired goals
  • Preparing an action plan
  • Reporting of results
  • Increasing motivation
  • Strengthening emotional and mental engagement
  • Transforming old models and paradigms of thinking
  • Strengthening the connection with the subconscious
  • Building new neural connections
  • Building a method for self-coaching and self-help

The process:

  • Tailored to the individual needs 
  • Completely confidential
  • Spontaneous and driven at the same time
  • Limited timeframe
  • Consistent with the emotional state of the client




Business Lady Club holds two Business Dinners and one Mastermind Breakfast each month. In addition to the regular program, the meetings also provide enough time for contacts between members, visitors, speakers, and special guests from business, government, trade unions, etc. More details on business dinners and Mastermind Breakfasts could be found in the "Events Calendar" section



Business Lady Club partners with other business clubs in Bulgaria and regularly organizes joint networking events. The events aim to share experiences, principles, and values, interact on various public benefit initiatives and charities, business partnerships, and nationally significant initiatives. The events are in the form of forums, round tables, cocktails, business dinners, or seminars.

More details about the partner clubs from Bulgaria can be found in the "Partnerships" section.



Business Lady Club assists its members in expanding their business contacts beyond the borders, ensuring partnerships with similar clubs and organizations around the world. International meetings with partner clubs from abroad are held on the territory of Bulgaria, when Business Lady Club is the host and main organizer, but also on the territory of the partnering country. Business Lady Club fully cooperates with the organization of the trip, and the goal is to combine the useful with the pleasant. The events are all-day or for several hours, and have a different format and on topics of mutual interest. At the events, members of the Business Lady Club have the opportunity to present themselves and their business, to become lecturers on specialized business topics, to participate in forums, seminars, round tables, presentations of books and fashion shows, charity balls, and other business initiatives.

Business Events & Awards

Business Lady organizes Bulgarian and international events and awards in which members have the opportunity to participate. Among them are Business Lady Excellence, Brand Talks, Golden Hearts Talks, My Love Marks, Company of the Year, Golden Heart Awards, Business Lady Awards. “Golden Heart” Awards


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