Column of the Business Lady Magazine “Women Leaders in….”

About the Column

Business Lady magazine strives to support
the positions of women in
business and society.
In addition to a good public name and a key position in the sector, we also rely on extensive professional experience.
The goal of the column is to present some of the most famous and successful women in every industry in our country.
The column is a good advertising tool for both the business ladies and the companies they represent.
The idea is to show the contribution of women in the relevant sector - in this case, Human Resources.
The feedback showed us that the ranking works very well for communications both outside with the general public and inside.


  • Effective management within the industry sector 
  • Positive public image: personal and of the company 
  • Extensive professional experience in the sector 
  • Successful management models within HR and good practices 
  • Know-how and innovations

Communication campaign

Each package includes the following communication instruments

  • Participation in the Live Event on FB(Meta)
  • Sponsored posts in our social media 
  • About 2 000 000 followers and a reach of 1 500 000 people, over 500 000 engaged users 
  • 10 minutes LIVE time on YouTube, FB, and LinkedIn
  • Interview / PR materials in the Business Lady Magazine – text and photographs and over 200 site visits per day
  • Membership discount for Business Lady Club

Participation Packages

Application Fee – 200 BGN


Package 1 – 1600 BGN (VAT not included) 

  • 1-page introduction – interview or article
  • Publishing and sponsored 5-minute video in our FB and YouTube channels
  • Participation in the Live Event
PACKAGE 2 - 2100 BGN (VAT not included)

  • 2 pages presentation - through an interview or article.
  • Professional photo session, the photos of which remain for you;
  • Participation in the Live event on Facebook (Meta): Women in HR speak
  • Publishing and sponsoring video presentations for up to 5 minutes on our FB and Youtube channels

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